Franchisee  Agreement 

Franchise Agreement No.:                                     DATED:  


Franchisor Company 1. [HRF INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD] 

AND: Franchisee Company 2. 

TERRITORY: Any where


Whereas Franchisor has developed a unique system of various types of footwear and other health care products in the name of HRF and related services operating under the Mark and using the name. 

Whereas Franchisor owns the trade name "HRF" and related logos and marks and trade dress. 

Whereas, as between Franchisor and Franchisee, Franchisor is the sole and exclusive owner of all goodwill associated with and to become associated with the Marks, the value of which Franchisee acknowledges; 

Whereas Franchisee recognises the advantages and value of Products and desires to obtain a Licensed for a "HRF INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD (hereinafter called as the "Licensed Business"); 

Whereas Franchisee recognises the necessity and value of maintaining high standards and uniformity of appearance, image, products, services and customer relations in conformity with the  Franchisor may reasonably modify it from time to time; 


[Franchise Fees  

01 Product Franchise: You can have franchise of any single product of our company by paying an initial deposit against stock of 5000 USD.

02.Store franchise:   

You can have franchise of minimum 25 products you like of our company by paying an initial deposit against stock of 50000 USD.


We will give additional 10% discount if you are our franchise.]


Whereas Franchisee is aware of the risks, business and otherwise, associated with owning an HRF INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD  and has independently evaluated those risks without relying upon any representations from Franchisor or Franchisor's agents regarding revenues, profits or probability of success, excepting only those representations and accompanying cautions contained in Franchisor's Franchise Disclosure Documentrevenues, profits or probability of success being affected primarily by factors beyond Franchisor's control, including Franchisee's skill, personality, diligence and dedication and general regional or local economic or demographic conditions; and 

Whereas, Franchisor, in reliance upon Franchisee's representations, is willing to provide certain training and other services and to grant a license as franchisee, but only on the terms of this Agreement, which terms Franchisee understands and accepts and both parties acknowledge to be reasonable and material;

Now therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual covenants herein set forth, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which each party hereby acknowledges, and each party fully intending to be legally bound hereby, Franchisor and Franchisee mutually agree as follows: 

01  Licensed Business. 

[a] The term "Licensed Business" means a business in which the Franchisee engages in the business of  and HRF INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD  that are associated shoes and other health related products business. Franchisee will provide these services. Franchisor shall have the right to add or delete or change product and service offerings at any time and Franchisee agrees to comply with such changes. 

02 System And Marks. 

[a] Franchisee agrees to operate the Licensed Business only according to the System and only under the Marks pursuant to the Manual. Franchisee acknowledges that Franchisor owns all rights to the System and the Marks and Franchisee has only such rights as this Agreement grants. For purposes of this Agreement, the "System" includes the rights and obligations set forth in this Agreement, the Operating Manual furnished to the Franchisee as amended from time to time, Franchisor's name, training, formulas, methods of operation, reputation, advertising, system and similar benefits pursuant to which the Franchisee operates the Licensed Business. Franchisors unique trade dress is part of the Marks. 

[b] Franchisee shall immediately notify Franchisor, in writing, if Franchisee learns of any attempt by any person to infringe the Marks or to wrongfully appropriate the System or any part of it. Franchisee agrees to fully cooperate with Franchisor in any action anticipated by or taken by or on behalf of Franchisor. Franchisee understands that it may become necessary, in Franchisor's sole discretion, to change, totally or in part, the Marks, as a result of litigation or otherwise. In that event, Franchisee agrees to immediately adopt the new or revised Marks, and Franchisor's maximum liability .

[d] Franchisor may change the System or any part of the System at any time, and as changed it shall remain the System pursuant to this Agreement. Franchisor shall own any improvements or changes in the System whether developed by Franchisor, by Franchisee or by other franchisee(s) and shall have the right to adopt and perfect such improvements or changes without compensation to Franchisee or other franchisees. If Franchisor modifies the System, Franchisee shall, at Franchisee's own expense except to the extent specifically provided in this Agreement, adopt and use such modification(s) as if it were part of the System at the time of execution of this Agreement. 




Franchisor may make any changes or modifications in the Manual as in Franchisor's sole judgment are desirable. Franchisee agrees that if there should, at any time, be a discrepancy between the terms of Franchisee's copy of the Manual and the master copy maintained in Franchisor's offices, the terms of the master copy shall prevail. Franchisee agrees, at all times, to conform to the Manual in all respects including to obtain any equipment, fixtures, personnel or technology necessary to do so. 

04 Management Assistance. 

In the event Franchisee requests Franchisor to provide extraordinary management or support services at Franchisees location or in Franchisees Territory Franchisee shall pay Franchisors usual fee for such extraordinary services All such extraordinary services shall be arranged as decided mutually. 

03 Records And Reports. 

Franchisee shall at all times maintain true and accurate business records in the manner specified by Franchisor. Franchisee shall retain all business records for at least five (5) years or such longer period of time as may be required by applicable law 

09 Failure to Report. 

If Franchisee fails, for any reason, to timely deliver to Franchisor any required report with all required information, Franchisor is authorised, without further notice, to assess Royalties and other Fees for each relevant month. Franchisee hereby authorises Franchisees bank to make such transfers upon Franchisors request. No action taken under this sub-paragraph shall constitute a cure of any breach by Franchisee, an election of remedies by Franchisor or act, in any way, to limit Franchisees liability to pay fees under this Agreement. 


11. Contact With Others. 

Franchisor shall have the right, in Franchisor's sole discretion and without further notice to Franchisee or to any other person or entity, to contact any of Franchisee's customers, landlord, accountant, vendors, or other persons within Franchisee's Territory or otherwise for the purpose of verifying the accuracy of any information submitted by Franchisee, for quality assurance or for any other purpose not inconsistent with this Agreement. 

Article 4 - Training 

01 Initial Training. 

As a condition subsequent to this Agreement, Franchisee and Franchisee's designated manager, if applicable, shall successfully complete Franchisor's initial training program. The initial training program will be approximately 14 to 18 hours in length and shall be conducted at such location(s) as Franchisor specifies. The initial training may be conducted, in whole or in part, in an existing Company

13 Employee Training. 

At all times, Franchisee shall employ only persons who have successfully completed Franchisors training program. Franchisee shall pay Franchisor's or a third partys usual fee(s) for such mandatory training. Franchisee shall, in any event, be solely responsible for all salaries, compensation, benefits, and living and travel expenses of trainees. 

14 Subsequent Training. 

Franchisor may require Franchisee and Franchisee's manager and employees to complete additional training at a location determined in Franchisor's sole discretion. Franchisee shall pay Franchisor's usual fee(s) for such mandatory training. Franchisee shall, in any event, be solely responsible for all salaries, compensation, benefits, and living and travel expenses of trainees. 

15 Training Materials. 

Franchisor may, from time to time, provide or make available to Franchisee training materials and equipment for providing training for Franchisee's manager(s) and employees. Franchisor may charge a fee for such materials and equipment. Franchisee agrees that all such materials are Trade Secrets pursuant to this Agreement. Franchisee agrees to require all of its managers and employees, as applicable, to successfully complete any such training program(s) if Franchisor designates them as mandatory. 16 No Warranty of Success. 

Franchisors determination that Franchisee or Franchisees employee(s) have successfully completed any training shall not be a warranty or representation that the person can or will successfully operate the Licensed Business or any aspect thereof. 


04 Required Equipment 

Franchisee shall acquire install and use, at Franchisees sole expense the Required Equipment. The current list of Required Equipment is contained in Exhibit C. Franchisee shall purchase the Required Equipment only from Franchisor. 


05 Retail Prices. 

Franchisor may recommend prices and pricing strategies for products and services. Franchisee is obligated to follow such price recommendations to the extent such obligation is consistent with applicable law and is otherwise solely responsible for establishing franchisee's own retail prices at such levels as franchisee deems appropriate. 

04 Compliance With Laws. 

Franchisee shall be solely responsible, at Franchisee's sole cost and expense, for obtaining and maintaining all necessary or required permits and licenses in order to operate the Licensed Business. Franchisee is solely responsible for strictly complying with each and every law, ordinance and regulation applicable to the Licensed Business, including, but not limited to, licensing, health, safety, environmental, consumer and labor regulations. Franchisee shall timely pay all applicable taxes as they come due, but may challenge the amount or applicability thereof; provided, that Franchisee hereby agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Franchisor from any and all liabilities for taxes based upon Franchisee's operations. 

05 Franchisee Business Operation. 

Franchisee understands and acknowledges that every detail of the System and of the operation of the Licensed Business is important to Franchisee, Franchisor and other Company  franchisees in order to maintain and further develop high and uniform operating standards, to increase the demand for goods and services sold by Franchisor and all franchisees, to enhance the image of Franchisor and the Marks, and to protect Franchisor's reputation and goodwill. Inventory. Franchisee shall, at all times, maintain a sufficient inventory of Items so that the Licensed Business can operate at maximum capacity. 

06 Training and Other Services. Certain services may be available to Franchisee only through Franchisor or an affiliate, including mandatory training. Franchisee will be required to pay the usual price for any of these services, unless otherwise provided in this Agreement. 

08 Proprietary Software. Franchisor will license you to use proprietary software. The Software, and any additions or modifications or further developments are and will be Trade Secrets of Franchisor. Franchisee shall comply with Franchisors requirements and specifications regarding the Software.




The franchisor will send the article\product of HRF  upto 90% of the amount paid to the Franchisor by Franchisee.


This agreement is done between the two company on ————. at ————-


1.Franchisor                                                                        Witness


HRF International Pvt. Ltd Hongkong

Through its Director

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